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Strong Base Construction of Boxes

Advanced Crating Solutions offer strong base construction of boxes and crates which are designed to carry the specific weight of extra-large cargo. This type of construction is typical with machinery where heavy weights are involved. The strong base construction of boxes involves a bearer intersection which is bolted together with coach bolts, nuts and washers. Additional chocking blocks are installed to strengthen the boxes and crates base to assist in the spreading of the weight from point loading to spread loading of the cargo. Where required, additional bolting of the machines to the bases are done, for added strength. The cargo is also wrapped and strapped for total piece of mind during transportation.

Plastic Lining and Heat Shrinking of Boxes

We offer plastic lining of boxes for all your shipping and packing needs. The plastic lining of boxes is where the inside of the crates and boxes are lined with a durable black plastic lining. This gives added protection for the cargo during transportation and storage, where necessary we will also heat shrink the cargo inside the box for added moisture and dust protection. At Advanced Crating we will ensure through our professional packing services that your precious cargo will get the best protection against outside elements. This will afford you total peace of mind, knowing that your shipment is dry and protected when being transported. The use of decadents inside the boxes and crates also help with moisture control when cargo is being transported.



ISPM 15 compliant
ISPM 15 compliant All our products are manufactured with export quality, ISPM 15 compliant timber
Wooden packaging products
Wooden packaging products Our timber packaging products include: Wooden Boxes, Wooden Crates, Plywood Boxes, Timber Skids & Timber Racking Decks
Onsite crating and machine packing
Onsite crating and machine packing Even the biggest and heaviest pieces of equipment are prepared onsite for shipping.