Advance Carting Solutions - timber crate manufacturers

Wooden crate manufacturers

Advanced Crating Solutions manufacture timber crates for all purposes. From fragile to heavy machinery our team of crate manufacturing experts will fulfill your packaging needs - manufactured to your specification are designed to carry the specific weight of the cargo.

We also offer heat-shrinking of boxes and plastic lining of boxes to ensure your cargo is protected when being transported. 

Our wooden crates are constructed in:

  • 2 way entry
  • 4 way entry
  • light weight for air freight

All our timber packaging products are manufactured with ISPM 15 compliant timber.

Timber crates

We manufacture and supply:

  • Solid Crates
  • Slatted Crates
  • Heavy Duty Crates
  • Plywood & Braced Crates

Superbly finished timber crates 

All of our timber crates are planed all round. This ensures; easy marking and labeling, safer and easier handling and weight optimization. Other quality features include high strength, strong base construction and durability.

ISPM 15 compliant
ISPM 15 compliant All our products are manufactured with export quality, ISPM 15 compliant timber
Wooden packaging products
Wooden packaging products Our timber packaging products include: Wooden Boxes, Wooden Crates, Plywood Boxes, Timber Skids & Timber Racking Decks
Onsite crating and machine packing
Onsite crating and machine packing Even the biggest and heaviest pieces of equipment are prepared onsite for shipping.